Health Care Providers Program

Female healthcare providers offer care to the whole of society, yet may struggle in receiving holistic support which fosters their own wellness. After nearly two decades working in both western and eastern medicine as an RN and licensed acupuncturist, I am delighted to offer this program to fellow healthcare providers. RN's, physicians, OT's, PT's, SLP's are welcome to partake in these affordable sessions. Furthermore, fellow body workers, massage therapists, and psychotherapists are also eligible for this program's benefits. Caring for ourselves is a win-win for our personal health, our families, and our patients. Consider taking some time to nurture your own holistic well-being in our warm and welcoming space. Initial sessions are $140.00 with follow-up sessions offered at a special rate of $65.00. Book online or contact me-Joanne Cooper RN, BSN, L. Ac. at 610-213-4249 with any questions.